Home battery storage

Probably a bit early yet. But has home battery storage been considered yet. This is where domestic properties store electricity off peak to be drawn back or used at peak times. Like a smoothing capacitor. Also may be used in the future to rapid charge electric cars. Could also be used as the interface to domestic generating systems like solar and wind power.

Hi @Jo999. I completely agree with you, home battery storage is super exciting and 100% the future of energy. However, we may be a little way off having these install across homes across the UK. Certainly, watch this space as exciting things are emerging and something Bulb will be interested in exploring

I am a few years away from being able to afford an electric car yet. So no rush! However I have been watching the rapid development of the technology for batteries even in the last year. I have also looked at the various home generation methods and have solar panels but the initial costs still take many years to gain any profit. I think there is a lot that could be gained by combining some of the different methods, rather than using them in isolation as we seem to at the moment.

Mr tesla has a system on the market in the US. There is a 800 pound pre order for the power wall. There is also solar roof tiles to work with it.