Home Energy Display Unit

Originally, my two smart meters were supplied by OVO. I then switched to Bulb. Is it possible to connect my Pipit 500 Home Energy Display Unit
to these meters as it doesnt detect the wifi connection?

Probably not. The “old style” smart meters tended to be “locked” to the utility supplier (i.e. OVO) and when you leave the supplier the meter tends to become dumb and the supplier tends to disable any additional facilities (such as energy display) [I’ve written “tends” as there may be exceptions].

When Bulb start rolling out the new SMETS2 smart meters later this year, you should get most of the functionality you had previously - with the benefit of the SMETS2 meters being an “industry standard” so they’ll work no matter who you get your gas and electricity from (all the companies which installed the “company specific” v1 meters will have to now re-replace all those meters over the next couple of years).

@SteveT70, suppliers love to completely disable the IHD when you move suppliers even though it isn’t required.

Sadly there’s nothing Bulb can currently do to change this right now

When Bulb supply SMETS2 meters later on this year, they will come with their own display unit.