Home for the holidays... better sort out the parents

Going home for the holidays means more than just a slightly more full fridge, it also comes with removing the viruses that riddle your parents computers and sorting out their broadband. You should also sort out their energy while you’re at it. Chances are, statistically speaking, they haven’t changed tariff since 1985. This means they would probably be overpaying by a huge amount.

Christmas afternoon is the time of puddingy burps and we know you’re tired of hearing about Uncle Bernard’s allotment for the 5th time today. It’s time to whip out the phone and play “Who can save the most with Bulb”. That sounds way better than playing “Guess Who” for the umpteenth time.

Here are the rules:

  1. Everyone grab a phone, ipad, laptop... whatever
  2. Go to https://join.bulb.co.uk
  3. See who can get the lowest quote
  4. The winner has the go fetch the next round of mince pies

Top tip: if you don’t know what your tariff is, just choose the “Standard tariff”. Chances are that’s the one you’re on.

Good luck

A competition that involves mince pies, you’re definitely trying to fatten us up this year. I don’t mind though, a mince pie or 5 can’t do any harm.

I’ll definitely get the family on this game tomorrow though and I’ll come back the day after with the results. :slight_smile:

Ey, I do that virus stuff all year around ha

I shall be trying to shift them Bulbwards in the new year, for now I own all the mince pies, and shall eat my way through them =D

trying to get my mum into the modern age is impossible believe it or not the older mother-in-law is much easier to deal with :o