Home power generation

Just been looking at the IKEA website looking at their solar and battery system for home generated power. It looks good and becoming affordable. Is this a model of energy supply that Bulb could adopt in addition to its current renewables model?

@Kerliphone really interesting idea! Yes, this is something that we think is going to become more mainstream as technologies improve, particularly in local energy storage. The future looks bright!

In principle Yes, In practice it will ever be viable without Cheap Offline Storage (i.e.Batteries) because there is a technical limit as to how much you can feed the grid (Not that it’s worth the money anymore) so the current max setup is NOT capable of going totally Off-Grid, Not unless more Solar Panels are added as well as “Very Expensive” Batteries for Offline Storage.
So will an IKEA type deal break even within 10~15 years or before more efficient and cheaper battery based systems are on the market?
I really doubt it…

@Sweechgate We think managing peoples energy is going to be much more of a two way street in the future with a lot more feedback from individuals, and this is something we are very excited to get involved in. However, we don’t expect most people to be completely self-reliant even with expected improvements in technology which we expect to be quite rapid over the next few years for batteries.