Horendous DD increase proposed

I have been with bulb for only 4 months and currently psy £76 a month. I am £210 in credit and today i get an email saying my monthly bills are £110! Which is utter rubbish, as i have not had one higher than £61 to date. They want to increase my monthly payments to £109 a month! How do i prevent this, as to my calculations it is totally unnecessary?

@Karenchaney, you can always adjust your payments yourself from within your account page

As far as I can tell, the monthly usage is a bit of a wild guess based on previous readings for this time of year from Bulb, or previous history from the electricity meter.

I’d recommend ignoring it and just keeping an eye on your usage and adjusting your payments as required. Unless you start going heavily into debit (more than £100 or so) it’s unlikely to be an issue as lower summer usage next year will be likely to balance it out.

I get that Bulb want to make sure they have plenty of cash in the bank to buy energy for people to use (with so many new customers having joined this year) but their system does seem a little enthusiastic about putting up people’s bills at times.

I agree with mowcius. Just ignore it for a few months. I joined Bulb from EDF (November). At EDF I was paying £105/mo or so. Bulb started me on DD at £ 85. I knew that was wrong but I let it slide. Sure enough in a few months it went up to £111. About right - given changes. So I left it at that. Now they want £135. I have a better track of my yearly usage than they do, so I’m ignoring that too. In the meantime I might “pay back” the several months of £111 - £85 that I had for “free” at the start by doing a monthly top-up. They seem quite relaxed about the whole thing.

Every month on the bill there should be a statement of the expected year cost. Divide that by 12 and you’ll get an amount that may be quite different to the £110/mo requested.

Just for info, IME the maximum monthly bills for Gas are about 8x in the winter vs the summer but the Electricity bills are only about 1.4x. 4 months with a bill average of £61 would project to a winter bill of £130+, based on 60% gas; 40% elect.