Horstmann Radio Telemeter Series K - Meter Reading

Hi all,

I’m moving into a new flat shortly and have made the switch to Bulb, as part of the sign up process, I’ve been asked to supply a meter reading.

The meter fitted to the property is a Horstmann Radio Telemeter Series K and shows “Rate 1”, “Rate 2” and “Rate 3” as well as several other readouts including the current date and time.

I checked last night and Rates 2 & 3 were active, this morning Rates 1 & 3 were active.

Does anyone know which rates I would give to Bulb? There are only two fields to fill in on the website!

Any help would be much appreciated!


I believe Rate 3 will be the total of 1 & 2

Bulb will require 1 & 2.

Thanks for the quick reply,

Last night at 2130 the meter read the following:

Rate 1: 09582
Rate 2 (ACTIVE): 56941
Rate 3(ACTIVE): 47702

This morning at 0730 the meter read the following:

Rate 1 (ACTIVE): 09584
Rate 2: 56946
Rate 3(ACTIVE): 47702

From this it looks like rate 1 is day rate, rate 2 is night but I have no idea what rate 3 is as it hasn’t changed and has been active both times, it also isn’t the total of 1 &2!

Any more thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


Does your flat have electrical storage heaters? This sounds like it might be a Heatwise variant, where the supply to things such as storage heaters can be switched on and off remotely at night (hence the “radio” bit in the meter name") in return for cheaper electricity. The rates 1 and 2 would probably be day/night, and the third a “boost” rate.

As for which ones Bulb actually want, or even if they can deal with this tariff in a sensible way (I used to have one and it was an absolute pain), you’d need to double check with them!

Its the control rate , Nick is right - it is a pain

Control is for storage heaters and i think you might have problems
I tried to switch to Bulb using this meter and although it was accepted they later phoned me to say they couldnt take me on because this meter is tied into Scottish Power and designated as a “complex meter setup” so couldnt provide me with a White Meter Comfortplus 7 alternative even though they quoted me for it and began the switch.

Rate 1 is always DAY
Rate 2 is always NIGHT
Rate 3 is control - storage heating

Storage/night is 11:30pm to 7:00 am so check the readings when the time is right

Same as me.

You have to tell them you have 3 readings and then you can enter 3.

But you will be charged for only 2 rates day and night