Hot tub

The wife and kids are constantly on at me to get one. I don’t honestly mind either way, it’s just the running costs I imagine are sky high. Theres some good offers on them at the moment
so tempted to surprise them for Christmas. Anyone got one? How much will they add to my bill? Do you have to keep them running constantly?

Apparently most people use them less than they imagined they would…

You don’t need to keep them running constantly, but they usually warm the water up ~1.5/2 °C/h…so the best part of a day to warm them up.

From an eco perspective…avoid :slight_smile:

I’d recommend just making the most of them when you go on holiday rather than actually having one installed.

A trampoline is more energy efficient and provides better health benefits. :wink:

Thanks guys, sorry not been on last couple of weeks. Didn’t get one anyway. Pretty much agree with your comments, although 198kHz, I’ve had a trampoline for the kids in the past and don’t think I could fall off a hot tub onto concrete tbh!


Wise descision! Running costs aside, who really fancies spending their evening sitting in a bubbling vat of pube soup?