House Move

Hello I have just been on the Bulb website to transfer you over to supply us at our now house. We move on the 18th of January but you will not be supplying us until the 28th of January. Does that mean that we will have no gas or electricity supplier for 10 days?

Many thanks

The current supplier will continue until the 28th, if it is a new build then the builder will have a arranged a supply which you can then switch when you move in. You will not be without gas or electric.

Energy suppliers do not supply people, they supply properties. The concept of “taking Bulb with you” doesn’t really work, even though Bulb do somewhat unhelpfully use the term “take Bulb with you” in this help article.

When you leave your existing property, your account will close but Bulb will continue to supply the property.

When you arrive at your new property, the energy supply will be maintained by whoever the last occupier was using. What you need to do is start a switch to Bulb for the new property. But this switch is completely unrelated to anything that happens at the old property, it isn’t like moving Sky etc.

Personally I would suggest when you move in, contact the existing supplier of the property and give them your opening readings. Once it’s all set up and sorted out, only then start a switch to Bulb for the new property. The reason for this is that if there are any disputes between your opening reading, and the closing reading of the previous owner, you have only one company to deal with. You could start the switch to Bulb as soon as you move in, and most likely that will be fine, but I’d play it safe and deal with whoever is supplying the property first and worry about a switch later. It wont cost that much more to be with an expensive supplier for a few weeks while you sort everything out.

I’m not even sure how/why it’s possible to request a supplier switch before you take responsibility for the property, at the point when you exchange contracts or signing the lease. Technically you’ve requested to change supplier on somebody else’s house! What happens if something is delayed and you don’t complete on the expected date? Seems odd to me that anything like this would be done until you’ve officially taken ownership and moved in, but apparently it does happen.