How about a tariff for EV drivers ?

How about a tariff for EV drivers ? - You are going to lose a lot of customers to the likes of Octopus and Ovo etc who are offering night time charging at under 5p a unit. Wake up!

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@Archiveking Bulb do offer their smart-tariff, I agree that it is not 5p/kWh. The smart-tariff is 7.91p (depends on location). I would agree that the 5p/kWh is superior to Bulb’s rate. However, take note of the times:

  • Bulb overnight: 23:00 - 07:00 (8 hours) @ 7.91p/kWh
  • Octo Go: 00:30-04:30 (4 hours) @ 5p/kWh

Furthermore, taking into account that Bulb’s smart tariff has an off-peak of: 11.67p/kWh vs Octo Go’s: 14.40p/kWh and also a standing charge of, Bulb’s: 20.44p/day (x365 = £74.61) vs Octo Go’s: 25p/day (x365 = £91.25).

I can concede that depending on your location and usage habits Bulb’s smart-tariff’s peak usage rate between 16:00 - 19:00 (for me at 41.94p/kWh) may make this not cost effective for your house-hold. In that regard I agree that having a specific EV tariff more similar to Octo’s would be fantastic. However, Bulb does offer an existing product which may suit your needs.

Economy 7 was the old-days solution. I don’t know what rates Bulb offers but these used to have a significantly higher daytime rate (otherwise everyone would want it).

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If Bulb offered a specific EV tariff to EV owners (maybe even proof of ownership?) that was only two rates: a Day-Rate, similar to the standard unit rate, ever so slightly more or less, and a shorter Night-Rate between 00:00 - 05:00(ish) at a competitive unit rate (<7p/kWh). Then I would recommend such a tariff over Bulb’s Smart-Tariff, unfortunately as things stand, this does not exist and as @Archiveking points out there is a 5p/kWh EV tariff available at competitors.

Bulb’s Smart-Tariff, in my opinion, does not compete with such EV tariffs unfortunately and is simply too risky to recommend, honestly I’m not 100% sure who should use the Smart Tariff. I’ve come to this conclusion from 2 months of testing the smart tariff, which I wrote about on over here:

@Eleanor_at_Bulb or @William_at_Bulb I don’t want to start a new topic as this topic already covers this suitably well. However, I too would like to suggest or ask if Bulb are looking to create an EV specif tariff.

At the time I’m not sure if @Archiveking, was aware of Bulb’s Smart Tariff. However, as someone who has tested the Smart Tariff, I personally don’t think it is suitable for the majority of users, even if they have an EV. For most users the peak rate is far to high and they won’t be able to move sufficient usage out of this period.

At present I can only see the Smart Tariff working for single people / couples who work late and during the peak period have literally 0 kWh. For house holds with families even stopping washing, cooking, kettle, irons, etc. does not make the Smart Tariff economical.

We are looking at getting an EV in the new year and currently a tariff such as Octo’s GO looks far more appealing than either Bulb’s vari-fair or smart tariff.

Ideally a tariff along these lines:

  • Only two unit rates (day and over-night)
  • Short overnight period (5hrs or so)
  • Significantly cheaper overnight unit rate (>6p / kWh)
  • Competitive (possibly fixed) day rate (around 13-14 p/kWh)

Such as tariff may also be beneficial to people who have home energy storage such as a Powerwall, etc.

Right now, with all the smart meter problems, as well as the rather unsuccessful trial of Bulb’s Smart Tariff, proposing anther tariff may seem impractical. However, there are competitors who offer such tariffs and it would be nice to know that Bulb have something in the works.

Regarding Bulb Lab’s Smart EV charging:

I’ve read and signed up to the trail. But in all honesty I’m still not understanding the approach Bulb are taking here. As it ties members to a specific home charging point and worse a separate (EV usage) tariff?? :thinking:

Further to this, this trial is in collaboration with Ubitricity, who’s website only shows a charging cable product and on-street municipal charge points (street lamps and bollards), as opposed to collaborating with one of the countless companies who provide home charging points.

The registration survey, we received from the Smart EV charging registration, lacks some vital information, including the following:

  • Is the Ubitricity charger, we receive, a charging point or charging cable (appears to be a charge point)?
  • Is the Ubitricity charger 3kW or 7kW?
  • What happens at the end of the trial period?
  • What is the kWh unit rate (inc VAT) of the Ubitricity charger?
  • How does the Ubitricity charger usage get billed if the charger is installed on our home electricity supply and will the Ubitricity charger increase our electricity usage as billed by Bulb?

I have a home charger for my EV - I’d like a night time cheaper tarif too- thinking of switching to Octopus. I am charged a flat 14.5p rate by Bulb and Octopus would be cheaper overnight.

I did try and get a smart meter fitted but when the engineer came he said we didn’t have enough space in our box on the side of the house so he couldn’t fit it.