How are estimates done?

This may be because October was my first full month with Bulb, but my estimate for the final few days of the billing month was way out.

Take my gas. I used 4 units in 23 days given by my meter readings. But then you had to do an estimate for the final week of my billing period. You estimated 12 units in that time. That’s way out, and I did another reading which showed I only used 4 in those 7 days plus the next 7 days.

Same happened with electricity.

I’m just wondering really - will my estimates get better with time or will they always be too high?

And yes - we are good at using only what energy we need to use! And we have solar PV which explains why we’re using less electricity than you estimate for our sized house.

Hi @mattjgalloway

Estimates are made by a dedicated and highly regulated organisation in the energy industry, not by us. They use recent actual meter readings and your estimated annual consumption to work out their estimates. They then send these to us to use in lieu of an actual reading.

They do become more accurate over time. We find that if we get one every 3 months or so that they’re pretty accurate. But if they’re starting out quite a way out for you, then it’s probably best to take them a bit more frequently so that they can build up a better history.

Don’t worry too much, though. We won’t suggest changes to your payment amounts without taking actual readings or talking with you first.

Hope this helps,

Ah interesting. I didn’t know that estimates were done by a central organisation. That makes sense though. And we are in a 4 bedroom, but are energy efficient, so I’m certain we use a lot less than “the average”. I’m not too worried, just wanted to know. I don’t mind being in credit and things even-ing out over time.

I’ll try to do readings more often then. I tend to take one every week or so for myself to correlate against my own custom energy monitor readings. So I could just start sending you every one I make.

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, definitely sounds like you’re waaay below everyone else’s usage. So great work there.

If you fancy giving them weekly then that would definitely help smooth out the difference for sure. Sounds perfect.