How Bulb Calculates Your Payments

There’s been some chatter about payments recently and I think it’d be good to bring all the conversations into one place where we have the information you need.

Every year as we head into winter, we contact our members to give them an update on their account and make sure it’s healthy, as people tend to use more energy during the colder months. We’re doing that as usual this year.

Check out our help centre article to understand how we work out your payments and why they might need to be adjusted.

Hi there,

Monthly payments are being increased by 50% even although I am in a credit balance. The usage in the last year hasn’t reached anywhere near the new amount proposed so I would like to ask why this is the case.

I understand we are approaching winter and prices are going up but considering my usage at the same time last year is still lower than this new proposed amount this price rise seems unacceptable to me.

I have contacted support who were only willing to knock the new payment down to 90% which again is nowhere near the monthly payments I have made in the last year. I provide meter readings every month and am now on a smart meter so estimates shouldn’t be taken into account.



To Bulb Customer Services,

Can you urgently contact me ASAP as just received an email saying Your account is running low and you have raised it to almost £50 more a month and we are in credit by over £260, and have just paid our September bill, which was only £82.00.
I have sent you a detailed email too asking you to get back to me,please

To the lovely Community,

Hi everyone,
Hope you’re all well…my question is have you had a raise in monthly payments without authorisation or consultation from Bulb and what would you please advise to do about it?

I will be most interested as I’m also a disabled customer and quite frankly, treatment like this, I think, is appalling WITHOUT first of all Bulb contacting us to discuss matter.

Thanks all
Take care



Just had the same email. Not acceptable especially when I am over £100 in credit. Bulb - I have emailed you. Get this sorted.

Same here unfortunately - £120 in credit but monthly payments increasing.

Would it be cynical to wonder whether Bulb are in trouble and trying to improve their financial position?

I’ve been very impressed with Bulb for as long as I’ve been with them but my new direct debit seems very high. I might shop around once things have settled down.

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Happened to me too. £225-98 in credit and still increased my payment by over £36. Phoned to complain and got nowhere…

You’re quite right, eatoncj43…it really isn’t acceptable at all. It’s the way they go about it.

Hi emma,

There could be a mass exodus of Bulb customers, if they don’t address this matter.
This has really annoyed me, after being a loyal customer to them for years.

Sorry to hear that, Bootsy2…you should pursue it still.

Thanks for your replies to all the good folk above

Same problem near on doubled my payment and excuse was ooh you will use more over the winter – little do they know my usage stays the same all year around – but no they know more than me and what my old bills say — starting to look like its the worst thing i ever done changing to this lot

@IanB you can contact Bulb and ask for your direct debit to be only the amount of your bill - I.E. not building up any credit at all.
Bulb have told me they have switched me to the direct debit being just the amount of the bill so we’ll see how that goes next month.
When I come to think about it I’m not sure being in credit with Bulb is a good idea any more. They sy you have to be in credit but not by how much.
Having my direct debit raised (without consultation) by £55 per month when we’ve always been in credit was the last straw for me.
Bulb are shooting themselves in the foot with this!
BTW it should be easy to get a refund of your credit - just ask for it to be credited back to you. I’ve done this with Bulb in the past when I ended up £500 in credit and they were pretty quick about it.
All the best!


Excellent points! I have just contacted Bulb to request that I pay my actual bill each month now due to having experienced the same issues as other comments. It would seem that consumers are keeping energy companies afloat by them keeping hold of so much of our money. Time to take control everyone!!


Exactly the same here. Hiked my monthly payment by £30.

Their email said I’ve been using too much gas and electricity over the summer, apparently. But my so-called smart meter hasn’t been working properly so my bills have all been estimated. And gas, not surprisingly, is way off.

Can’t get through to speak to anyone about it. Feels like a massive con to me.

I’m the same,I’m in credit and want me to also up my payments. I’ve cancelled my DD and I too would like to control the payments. I’m not paying for something in advance .They sent me an email saying I will be charged an administration fee for cancellation of DD,I won’t be paying it that’s for sure!

Seems that this is a common issue here - my DD has just been raised by £27 despite having a £400 credit on the account. :frowning:
We have also had Solar Panels installed so the elect bill has been a lot less than it has been.

The “smart” meter was not working correctly but we supplied meter readings and this month it has finally started to give them readings that can be used for the bill.

The website takes me to a page where I think it is supposed to show me how it calculated the amounts - but it fails to load - anyone manage to get it to work ?

I won’t bother going into too much detail as many other people have posted very similar stories. So to cut it short, my direct debit has been increased without consent by £20 a month to just over £90 claiming my current usage is more than I am paying them - current bills being around £45 and payments being about £70 and credit still increasing at around £200.

Well according to their terms and conditions I have the right to cancel my direct debit at any time, I should make sure I have another viable way to pay (their top up feature claims to be instant and is like just… paying your bill), and let them know you have done this.

So I have.

From now on I shall pay them as I see fit either the amount of my bill, over my bill, or if my credit large enough, a sensible reduction.

They might not like it but they do seem to state it is my right, so I’m taking it.

I’m not gonna to silly about it, but it is either this or they cost me money by slamming my overdraft and missed direct debit payment charges because they are asking too much.

Wouldn’t be as annoyed as I am if it wasn’t for the sheer inaccuracy of the email I received. So… if I cannot pay let it be on my head be it, not on their bloated and inaccurate assumptions that I can’t stop them.

This is a copy of what I sent to them after cancelling:

Sent to Bulb 28/09/2021


In accordance with your terms ( referenced their terms webpage here but I’m not allowed to include a link ??? ) I am contacting you to let you know that I have cancelled the Direct Debit for my account. This is so that I can better manage my account with you without automatic direct debit increases as you have informed me of today.

I propose to manage the cost and credit of paying you via ‘top up’ on the 15th or each month using a debit card, and shall pay more in accordance with my current credit with yourselves, and the cost of the bill.

If I should need to set a direct debit up again I shall be in contact for this, but as I cannot afford ‘surprise’ increases, seeing as I budget quite close to the bone as it is, I would prefer to have a better hold over my money.

Rest assured I intend to continue to pay either the cost of each bill each month, or over this to reflect increasing credit with yourselves. I shall not attempt to pay ‘under’ the amount of any bill, unless for any good reason (such as having a large amount of credit that will surely cover future payments).

Thank you.


Thanks for that. I’m of the opinion that it will be the best way for me to pay my fuel bill too. I’ve just increased my payments by £20 on Saturday, and 3 days later Bulb want another £16 +. I too have £225-98 credit. Yes all prices are increasing but I think 2 months payments will be a fair buffer for now. If I use more fuel I will pay for it as I use it… :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

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Where did you send your email to as I need to send one as have just cancelled my DD?

I just used their Contact Us on the main Bulb website. It’s a web form.

Exactly the same, they sitting on my credit of 200 which seems of zero use i suspect thats propping up their business and gone now, because they just tried adding 20 to my 60 DD when my bills have been 36 a month, so zero logic to them asking for more and them having 200 of my money over the actual bills, so i suspect they going to do cut and run and dump the debt on the government. No longer responding to emails and are blocking them now.

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Exactly same here, despite being £200 (AFER TAKING OUT £250 surplus cash) in credit and they told me to reduce my DD to £48 which I did my bills average £33 a month they have now increased by DD to £70 a month :rage:

Yes, it’s all unravelling now. It’s built on sand I think. I used to think it was a great company and for most of the past 4 years I have been with them, all was good. They now appear to be teetering on the brink. I have over £200 in credit with them and want it back.
If you look at a lot of the recent post’s on here, you will notice a lot of customers in the same boat.
I doubt they will last this side of Christmas.