How Bulb Calculates Your Payments

Second time in as many months my payments have been increased and Im just about done with bulb.
Being disabled and on benefits with all the cuts that we now have to face together with increasing energy costs and they still want us to pay more.
At the current rate our payments will be 20% of benefit received, just to have electric (no gas here)


Sadly I have found myself in the same situation, my payments already exceed my usage. I’m £173 in credit and they want to further increase my direct debits.

In addition to the numerous price increases it is time we part ways.

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Same here. Upped my payments which I can’t afford well they will need to put them down soon enough as I won’t be putting heating on to save money. Il be changing. See how they get on when everyone leaves.

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I’m over £200 in credit, I’ve been away for the last 5 weeks which will add to that, and you’ve increased my payments by £65 per month! I live alone too! By next month I’ll have over £300 in credit. As a relatively new customer I think this really stinks!! Also, please stop sending me email and texts about smart meters. I know where to find you if I want one thanks.

I am in debt of around £40.
My electric bill was £104 last month, and they now are charging me £204, this is ridiculous and non-sense. Plus I tried to contact them and I have been on the phone for more than an hour and in the chat, I get the automated message that “there are no available agents, please try again later”

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£154 in credit yet bulb want me to increase monthly payments. You can wait till that credit reduces tvm


Me too. I am £95 in credit with my bill for both gas and electric combined coming in at around £35 a month. I have a payment due by direct debit of £50 taken every month. Soon I will be in credit by £145 and a bill of say £35 due as normal. They want to increase the payment t £66 a month. How can they increase a direct debit payment without my authorisation? I understand bills will increase soon but mine would literally go up by more than 50% to warrant this increase, when I am in fact actively trying to limit my usage further.

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They can’t increase your payment without your agreement. They suggested I should increase mine which I would if my credit reduces dramatically. I pay £58 pm they tell me I’m using £77 pm. I’ll hold on a bit :grinning:

I have an email telling me they will increase my DD…not asking or suggesting I increase it myself. I am finding it near impossible to talk to a human and no one is available on their 'chat option. Bank next I think.

Same here, I’m £160 in credit and they want to increase my monthly payments even though the amount i pay covers the bill and increases my credit each month. I’ve tried lowering my monthly payments but they have put a minimum on this and I can’t lower it. How am I supposed to use this credit up?

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If you don’t explicitly tell them not to, they will increase it. I never agreed to increases – emails went to spam – and got a nasty shock.

I seem to be different from most of the posters here - I currently have nearly £400 credit, and it has increased every month for the past 5 months, BUT my monthly payment is less than the average monthly bill last winter, and that will be much more with the recent increases, so the credit will diminish in time. Meanwhile I can use as much electricity as I need to be comfortable without worrying about the next bill.

That, to me, is how it should work, and why Bulb have not asked me to increase my direct debit since all this panic began.


Im over £400 in credit and they still have put it up

I dont actually know what it means if your in credit. I cant make sense off any off it

You’ll generally get into credit over the summer, so you have a buffer to cover your winter bills.

I have had a slightly different email asking me to top-up my credit balance to cover my winter months and increase my monthly payments. I think they want our extra monies to help them buy the more expensive fuel in the months to come.

They are currently supplying us with the bulk fuel they bought back in the summer but this will run out quickly now the weather has turned, by getting us to increase our credit balance gives them a boost of funds in the hopes they don’t go under like the rest, forward thinking but why should we the consumer pay the price again.


Let them use my £154 then I’ll increase my my payment or move on

Over £200 in credit and my DD increased. Went into the app and reduced it back down again. Use up the credit I’ve earned and then we can discuss increasing the value of the DD.

That’s what I thought too but they have increased mine from £120 to £166 when I’m £289 in credit.
Tried to go to change it and they have blocked that option, I am stopping the Direct Debit and changing supplier!