How Bulb Calculates Your Payments

Hi @libbywatts,

Thanks for your post today and I’m sorry for the no response via emails. We are experiencing extremely high levels of inflow, which means our response time is lower than usual.

I can’t seem to find your email to respond to but I have now direct messaged you on community to discuss how you would like to move forward.

Let me know if you have any further questions

– Daisy :bulb:

I got one of those emails as well. So I opened the spreadsheet and worked out the increase in prices means we’ll be paying about £11 more each month, so ~20% more than last year.

Before you dismiss the email check what the impact of the new prices is on your usage. Otherwise, you might end up in debit over winter.

I think you make a good point, more than likely you’ve hit the nail

Probkem iz, on a month by month basis, some months we have greater nececessary and unplanned for expenditure ie, the kast 3 weeks we spent 350 at the vets, to ensure all bills still get opaid i need to use all the 370 credit amount, the following month dd to bulb can be enough for the current month anx a top up to cover next months, currently using £45/month TOTAL energy so 2 x that is not even the current dd amount £120.

The bulb app won’t allow this, so it does not appear that customers are in control of their own money. I want to keep my payments as they are now but bulb has increased them. No replies to emails either

The app won’t let me do this. Bulb have set the minimum which is above what I am paying now!

We’ve been been with Bulb for a couple of months and do not understand the billing for electricity. We have an Economy 7 meter which should give us different rates for peak/off-peak electricity 22.7p/kwh & 15.5p/kwh. However our statement shows one rate of 17.9p/kwh which would suggest that there is no point in trying to use the off-peak hours. Please Can Bulb or anyone else explain this.

Thanks in advance…

Hi @willietodd69,

Welcome to community :wave: Thankyou for your post!

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your billing. I’ve managed to log into your account and can see we are receiving regular two rate readings. However, the meter is configured to a one rate even though it gives off 2 reads.

Have you previously been charged to differently for the 2 rate readings? It looks like your meter is registered on the database as 1 rate.

– Daisy :bulb:

Once again Bulb never fail to amaze me. My monthly usage is between £75-£85. My balance is always in credit. Yet they decide to email me telling me ‘based on my usage’ they’ll increase it to £165. With no way on the app to reduce to what I was paying. They’ll hit me with the party line about having a responsibility to make sure I’m ahead in terms of credit. Which I always have been since joining over 2 years ago. A shambles of a company and probably the next one of the energy companies to go down the toilet. With service and approach like this is won’t be surprising. I’ll simply cancel my DD and go to another provider. Oh whilst I’m on the subject, the credit balance you’ve had of mine sitting in your account every month…who is gaining the interest on it, oh yeah, not me. From a company that started off to be so promising, getting greedy and losing sight of customer experience is what will cost you in the long run.

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I have seen many replies like mine asking for an explanation of how Bulb calculates our monthly payment, but I have not seen any reply from Bulb staff in spite of my having e-mailed Miriam directly to ask. This matter is now being discussed in the Guardian - is it not time we had a response to explain why Bulb seems to be trying to discourage its loyal customers ? Please can we talk to somebody ?
John Scott.

I literally just called them on the phone it was a 100 times easier and they amended the payment. I’ll be looking elsewhere for another supplier though as their overall customer experience has went dramatically down hill.

Bulb changed my monthly direct debit from £114 to £240 … I was not in any debt either. I called them got through easily and they refunded the over taken payment and reduced my monthly DD again… Just wanted to post something positive.
I now send my mete reads monthly so they can keep a track too.

I moved to bulb by Uswitch and at first was happy with my monthly payment but it seems to increase by the month and getting ridiculous. It started at £76 a month in feb and now just 7 months later they want £180 but Iv agreed to £163 but I,m still unhappy. It’s getting out of hand . I wish I had stayed put

I have not (yet) been forced to increase, but keep getting annoying emails telling me to increase monthly payment. My account is nearly £250 in credit, where Bulb happily get the interest, I do not want to increase until it is less than £100.

I have also had one of these emails. I am currently £450+ in credit and my last statement was ~£150. I know that my winter usage will see an increase, as we are a fully electric household, but my highest ever bill with Bulb has been £305 and I currently make payments of £200+ per month.

I understand the ‘we have a responsibilty to see that you can pay for rising usage’ etc. but it’s much healthier for me to have the money in my account (to pay for everything else I need to) than to have it sitting in Bulb’s care just in case.

I have, in the past, topped up or changed my direct debit amount and will continue to do so when necessary.

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Same boat here, despite having a good chunk of credit in the account.

TLDR: it’s not happening, i’ll just move elsewhere and they can pay me all that back.

It does seem rather odd that they’ve done this, although as mentioned elsewhere it’s basically an interest free loan and can be used as collateral. Most people will jump ship (if allowed) I’ll just hang on till Octopus take bulb over.

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Surely we would all benefit from some actual figures from Bulb. Most of us know that there is a big price increase on the way but to force us all into mandatory minimum raises in excess of £100 whilst most of us are still in credit seems ridiculous. Are we seriously looking at 100% price rises?

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I complained about the last increase. They put my bill up from £75 to £110 without speaking to me. When I complained they told me they had said there was a price increase message in an email and that they spoke about it on their blog.
On my dash board it says I should increase monthly payment to £135. I am currently £265 in credit, pay £110 in a month and use about £75-80 a month.
I am dubious about leaving them with £265 of my money given that they are asking for a bail out.


Don’t have a smart meter. Why would you have another companies machine in your house interfering with your electrics?

Bulb can’t do anything about this as they don’t apply the power (the national grid does) we are jsut paying for ‘customer service’ (i.e nothing).

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