How Bulb Calculates Your Payments

and who would that be with? I am sure many others will be interested

Beanbag: Valda Energy I wish Bulb had explained “green-certified”. Their website, however, doesn’t seem to have updated at all recently:

Quotes (Bulb Home Page 12/10/2021):

“We provide our members with 100% renewable electricity from solar, wind and hydro. And our gas is 100% carbon neutral too. We offset the emissions from the gas we supply by supporting carbon reduction projects around the world. Plus, we’re one of the biggest buyers of green gas for homes in the UK so a chunk of our gas mix comes from renewable sources, too.”

“Which do you choose: energy that harms the planet or energy that doesn’t? Exactly. 100% of Bulb’s electricity is renewable. And our gas is 100% carbon neutral. Win win.”

It’s total rubbish isn’t it? It’s not 100% renewable at all.

The energy industry is a total racket, like everything else. Spun with Greta-friendly creative rhetoric.

Are you saying that 100% green energy doesn’t exist?

I’m afraid you’d spend your entire life trying to convince me that nuclear power is a solution but I just don’t buy it (well, I probably do as it turns out!). It’s just too dangerous for me. Ask the Japanese.

I am totally fed up of everyone trying to screw everyone else over for the sakes of a few quid. We’ve completely lost the ability to look after our own race. I honestly don’t understand human beings any more.

Interestingly Valda will not supply to me on a dual rate and on the single rate they are twice what I am anticipating, (£200 per month). with Bulb.?

Do they supply to domestic customers? The site I have just visted says: We only supply energy to small to medium sized companies

Not whe I spoke to them, but TradFestival , above, seems to have obtained a quote ??

Quote was via uswitchforbusiness so it could well be commerical only.

Our bill with bulb is currently £313.00 per month, rising to £469.50 per month from 7th November because of the increase in the price of gas.

Aye right! What a swizz.

Trade it is a lot more complicated than that. The electricity generated isn’t segregated and whoever you buy your electricity from it will be the same electricity that you get. It depends what Bulb’s contracts are for how much they pay, but from the spot market the price will be very high. Currently Electricity going into the grid is 52% gas, 19% nuclear,10% wind, “biomass - woodchips”(more CO2 than coal) coal 2% the rest is made up from hydro, interconnectors, a bit of solar. By the way the only way forward if they want to get rid of oil,coal,gas etc, will be nuclear until something else is proven to affordable and practical.

The way green-energy has been defined does exist, but its not what people think when they hear that. Only recently there has been actions for EU to include nuclear energy as green energy, so the definition can change.

Bulb kinda says that between the lines. Search for " How Bulb buys its electricity"
In that it says “In 2020, we bought around 4.5% of our electricity directly from renewable generators, and the remainder on the wholesale market, matched by REGO certificates.”
If you look up what a REGO certificate is, its basically a cheap certificate that can be bought independently of the MWh it belongs to. So any provider can buy 1 MWh produced from coal and one REGO to match and claim 100% green energy. Plus, some sources of energy, like wood pellets, are considered renewable zero-carbon sources (as in theory a tree is just captured carbon) Would you say its green?

According to an article from the BBC
“Many suppliers have contracts to buy electricity directly from renewable electricity generators and some invest directly in renewable energy infrastructure. These are arguably “greener”, but tend to cost more.
The regulator, Ofgem, acknowledged this when it exempted three suppliers from the UK-wide energy price cap.
Ecotricity, Good Energy and Green Energy UK are allowed to charge more than their competitors because their electricity costs more to supply.”

I would say that’s an indication that we’re not ready for 100% green energy, meaning just solar, wind and hydro.

I don’t think that its the place to talk about pros and cons of nuclear energy but I will say that the idea people have about nuclear energy is a bit overexaggerated. Most think of nuclear factories as nuclear bombs waiting to happen. They are not.

My balance is way too high at £233.01 with the next payment going to bulb in the next few days, I’m not using anything like the amount that Bulb expects, it would be years before I can get the £233.01 back at this rate but Bulb will not let me reduce the direct debit below £65.46, Can I force Bulb to refund my balance or reduce my direct debits?

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Hi once you payment has gone in.
Ask for refund leaving just one Months balance on account
They do pay back very quickly (or they did in my case this Yr.) :blush: now I treat the added on account as a saving pot just cash out when needed hope this help.

I’ve asked bulb to pay my credit back into my bank account about 6 or 7 days ago and no contact from them concerning this. I am well in credit and always have been but now feel as if bulb are using customers credit as an interest free loan to bail them out. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if they offered us something back in return.

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My balance is £242.23 at the moment. Unfortunately Bulb do not appear to be answering my emails. I tried getting some sense by telephoning and spoke to a nice lady in Durban South Africa. I relayed the problems to her but nothing has improved. I produce my own electricity on sunny days and sometimes I have excess which I export to the grid through bulb. I gave all the meter readings and a photograph to them but have received no payment as of yet.
It appears that due to the problems re gas supplies that there is a fear within the Power supplier’s community. If the CEO of Bulb knows that the company is in trouble then we should not be feeding money to them. I am a cynical ex Police Officer who is very unhappy with the situation and the way these companies conduct their business.

Hi @Harry2038, @sjsharas2020 and @theron.nainby,

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I hope you don’t mind but I have merged this thread with a previous one to explain how the payments work.

Just before winter, your account should have enough credit to see you through the colder months. For some members, a top-up payment will help their account stay healthy and get them to the right amount of credit.

There’s more info about this here.

If you would like to request a refund of your excess credit, please drop us an email to We also have a number of different payment methods available for example moving to smart pay as you go or paying on receipt of your statement.

Thanks for help @whitbread

Let me know if you need anything else today

– Daisy :bulb:

Thank you for that Daisy. As I said it is rather a lot in there to be asking for more at this stage. I monitor how things are going so rest assured if it needs to be raised I will do it.

Also what has happened to my export payment ?

Can you tell me why my emails have not been answered?


Mr C.J. Ford.

No explanation of the massive overcharging ?

Same here. We’ve only been with Bulb about 8 weeks. We are £156 in credit and in September used £87 against a DD of £107.50. You sent an email worded “Although your account is in credit, you’re currently using more energy than your monthly payments can cover.” and had increased our Direct Debit by £30.

This month we’re on track to consume £70 of energy with a DD of £136.64…

On live chat, you used the period August 20th - Septemder 30th as “one month” to justrify the increase?