How can i change smart meter to analogue meter

hi, i have just moved house where we didnt have a smart meter as a member of family suffers from electro sensitvity… it causes the family memeber horrendous headaches…

The house we have moved to has a smart meter installed and before we joined bulb we asked could the meters be changed to analogue meters…we dont want any type of smart meter… not even in dumb mode… the bulb salesman said this would be no problem and said it would be 120 for electric and 118 for gas meters to be changed to analogue meters and i am to phone back once the change to bulb has gone through…

The change has gone through a few days ago and i have now phoned up 3 times and still cannot get a date booked for the smart meters to be replaced…, i have had one bulb customer service say he cant get through to meter department and he said he will send me an email with all relevant info to get the meters changed… the email never came through. i had one customer service say they will call me back within an hour and i didnt get the call back…
all i want to do is change the smart meters out for analogue meters… please help

Hi Susan, Sympathise with you. I too inherited a smart meter which I want replaced with an analogue meter for health reasons, but I was told it couldn’t be done. Sounds a bit like they told you it could be done to get you on board, but are making it difficult now that you are. I’d really like to know if they can replace a smart meter with analogue.

I’d be surprised if you can get an analogue meter fitted going forward. A non-smart, digital meter, is more likely.

To both, you most likely cannot have a digital smart meter replaced with an analogue meter as they’re no longer manufactured.
Siemens currently install EDMI and Landis+Gyr meters for Bulb - you can see from their device pages that neither manufacturer makes analogue meters any more:

They can currently change digital smart meters to digital non-smart meters (with no smart functionality that can be enabled/disabled) but not an analogue meter.
The basic digital meters should not have any kind of radio transceivers in them (which is what people tend to have an issue with) but you may want to confirm this by requesting information on the models that would be installed and checking the device datasheets on the manufacturers’ website.