How can I contact someone from Bulb by email

I need an email address to contact someone at bulb

this system is not very consumer friendly

Use the help button at the top/bottom of this page and scroll down until you see the “contact us”

It’s quite user friendly if you use it correctly. The contact us information is also on your monthly statement or the APP

You are the ghost of Steve Jobs and I claim my £5.

You are the ghost of Steve Jobs and I claim my £5.
i said the system was quite “user friendly” in terms of use I did not mention that the outcome of using the system, especially snail mail, is somewhat less than desired

Not quite - you said “user friendly if you use it correctly”.

In much the same way it works correctly if you’re holding it right :slightly_smiling_face:

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OK, as you have pointed out i used correctly and later omitted to use it, i will give you half the £5 as you are only half a bulb customer, unless you wan’t more satisfaction, such as pistols at dawn. Please let me know and i will get my second to arrange the date and place with yours


How to summon a Bulb Minion to your personal communication device:

Step 1: Phone them on: 0300 30 30 635. This is by far the best method, from my experience.

Step 2: Press 1 when promoted for a return phone call. Make a cup of tea/coffee and keep your phone close by. They usually call back in 10 - 30min, can be longer though!

Never email Bulb this is an absolutely pointless exercise and will return no help, as even if they reply they almost never read and answer the question you sent them.