How can I find out if I'm on a single or economy 7 rate tariff?

I’ve got a horrrible feeling we’re on an E7 tariff but wanted to know how we could double check and know for certain whether we are or not?

Many Thanks,

Hi @Patrizio ,

The two easiest ways would be:

  • Check your account at and go to ‘Tariff’ (or into Payments+Statements and download a bill). If you see multiple prices for a unit of electricity, or ‘Economy 7’ mentioned, you’ll be on Economy 7
  • Check your meter. If it has multiple displays or shows multiple amounts of usage (or records the time), you probably have an economy 7 meter.

Bulb can swap Economy 7 meters to single-rate meters for £120 if necessary, but with smart meters coming out very shortly (a trial rollout is just starting with a major rollout all throughout next year) and the smart meters being free and able to be switched between tariffs, it might be worth just waiting.