How can i get a smart meter Installed?

Please let me know how your smart meter policy works so I know how to use it.

Hi @icf_cosmin welcome to the Bulb community,

Unfortunately, you have a first generation smart meter which are only smart with the supplier who installed them. This means you’ll need to manually read your smart meter and submit your readings in your Bulb account. If you’re not sure how to do that, we do have a guide available in our help centre: This also means that if you were given an In Home Display by your previous supplier, it won’t work or show the correct information.

The good news is that the DCC who manage the central smart metering system are enrolling all first generation smart meters so that they can be read by all energy suppliers. This will be happening throughout the year and we hope to be able to communicate with your meter by the end of 2020.

James W :slight_smile:

Hi james , thank you for your reply.

Is there any way that I can switch to your second generation smart meter so I dont have to wait till end of 2020 ? I know you advertised that you will do it for free.

No bulb will not upgrade you to smets2 meters. Not for"free" anyway.
The free only applies to customers that don’t already have smart meters
You already HAVE smart meters, just at the moment their not “smart”


To be honest, the new smart meter is not that smart either, had mine on a week and it still doesn’t show electric on the IHD…

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Unfortunately we wouldn’t offer a SMETS1 to SMETS 2 installation free of charge as there isn’t actually anything wrong with it and the meter will start to have all functionality once the DCC enroll them into the network.

James W

Hi I have an old smart metre that I read myself and the battery has died in it so now I can’t read the metre therefore I can’t update my account with actual metre readings. Do I now have to have a new metre fitted or can the batteries be replaced?