How can I get a smart meter

How do I get a smart meter

Hi @mick675342

We aren’t offering smart meters just yet, but will be rolling out smart meters to our members from early 2018.

Unfortunately only first generation smart meters being installed in the UK right now. If we installed one of these on your wall and you changed energy supplier you wouldn’t always be able to use the smart meters functionalities. This would depend on whether or not that supplier has the software to communicate with that particular make of first generation meter.

We think it’d be a bit unfair to do that to our members, so we will begin installing second generation meters as soon as we can get them in early 2018. The good news is these second generation meters will be able to communicate with any supplier.

Many thanks

Will you be contacting your customers when 2nd generation smart meters are available? I’m urgently looking to see why my electrical bill is so high.


I’m purely a customer, is your bill based on an estimate or actual meter readings? If based on an estimate this may possibly account why your electricity bill is high.

@G4v1n We will be in touch with ever member as soon as we can roll out our SMETS2 meter. Just to clarify a post above, from Feb 2017, we are looking to roll the meters out for everyone from late 2018/early 2019 onwards.