How can I get Bulb to use my own meter readings instead of estimated ones?

Hi, I hope I’m asking the right question in the right place. I have written to Bulb 4 times and once to their Complaints department but have received no reply.

I provide a meter reading just before my bill is due, but Bulb is still billing me by using their estimates which are listed UNDER my own readings on a bill. I live alone on an extremely low income and £5-10 extra per month on electricity that I haven’t used causes me a lot of stress both financially and emotionally.

Has anyone had the same problem, and does anyone know how I can get Bulb to stop doing this on my account?

Many thanks for your help.

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Bulb send you an e-mail prompt ahead of when your bill is generated. This is a THREE DAY WINDOW to submit the readings. If you do this outside of this period you get estimated readings. I’ve never had a problem. Just submit readings when prompted,

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I used to get an email prompting me to upload a meter reading, but these have stopped now and I get an email thanking me for my reading but that there’s no need to provide another one for 3 months. I still offer one anyway, as it means I don’t have my annual consumption over-calculated by Bulb. As my statement is produced on the 21st of the month, I have been uploading readings on 17th. Therefore, my last two bills both show my reading first, 4 days before Bulb’s estimated reading.

17 October 2019 16272 Customer Read
21 October 2019 16288 Estimate

17 November 2019 16418 Customer Read
21 November 2019 16437 Estimate

Surely this is enough time for my actual readings to take precedence over estimates?

I used to provide my reading on the 18th of the month, and had statements which ONLY listed my actual readings and no estimates whatsoever, so this is extremely baffling.

Thank you again.

how do you provide readings? what do you think of bulb mate good? im with Utilita and its been crazy spending 45 per week

bigblueamazon. from the information you have supplied it means you are submitting your meter readings to Bulb 4 days in advance of when required to prepare your bill.

Looking at your actual readings on the 17th, the estimate on the 21st looks pretty good, not a wildly out estimate:

16418 - 16272 = 146 units in 31 days is approx 4.7 units a day, so 4 days later @ 4.7 is 18.8 units add that on to 16418 and you get pretty much 16437.

If you submitted the actual readings taken on 19th then it wouldn’t bother estimating just for the last 2 or 3 days and produce a bill to the 19th instead of 21st.

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Tee hee - I just realised you answered your own question without realising it.

Your reading on 17th is 4 days before your statement. If you revert to supplying your reading on the 18th like you did in the past, that is within the 3 days before your statement and would generate your bill on 21st to your submitted figures from 18th.

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Oh that’s great, thanks :slight_smile: I had no idea that providing a meter reading too soon would cause this kind of problem, and there’s nothing on Bulb documentation to advise customers that readings shouldn’t be submitted too soon (hence why I hadn’t made the connection myself).

Thank you for pointing it out :+1: :smiley:

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Yes, that is correct.

Hi, I enter readings online, on the Bulb dashboard.
I’ve not had any other problems with Bulb at all - and this so-called problem was of my own making, it seems :grimacing:

Hi - the email response on submission is a little confusing as it mentions about another reading in 3 months time.

When you submit a reading within the 3 day window I think the response is subtly different, it mentions that the reading is within 3 days before your bill so that will be used to create your statement.

I’ve tried submitting early morning on the day of the bill but found that is too late, it has to be on the three days prior.

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This is the email response that I get after submitting a reading:
“Dear xxx
We’ve received your electricity meter reading. Thanks so much.
Another reading in about 3 months would be ideal to keep things shipshape.”

I have never seen an email that says the reading is within 3 days of my bill etc. even when I did submit within the “3 day window”. Having said that, it could just be that I always get a reading submitted before the email is sent out (even when I was doing readings within the correct timeframe).

Thank you again for your help - you’ve really put my mind at rest and I feel like a total eejit now :smiley:

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You should receive a message with the subject “We’ll take your monthly payment in three days”

This says :slight_smile:

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Yes, that’s how my email looked in September.
The email this and last month looked like this :smiley:
Thanks :+1:

I’ve just submitted my readings today 2 days before my statement on Monday and noticed the email no longer mentions that this reading will be used for the statement.

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Ah, interesting. I wonder if Bulb has had lots of enquiries like mine! :smiley::thinking:

I give a reading a couple of days before my direct debit is due out of my account I have only had estimated reads trice when I was in hospital and they are within a few pounds of my monthly usage.