How can I get SMETS2 smart meters installed?

I have old smart meters installed which are pretty much useless…I’d like the latest meters installed so that I don’t have to send readings and also so I can monitor usage

You have to wait until they are converted to SMETS2 if I’m not mistaken. This doesn’t involve physically changing the meters.

You can get the meters physically changed to SMETS2 but at a cost to yourself.

I’m sure someone at bulb will be along to confirm soon.

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And thank you @PoweredByVeg for helping out here, you’re not far off!

So Nick you have SMETS1 meters which meant they were only smart with the installing supplier. However, we are working to make your meters smart again by enrolling them onto the smart network (the DCC). We are hoping this will be done by the end of year, but you’ll be notified by email when we can read your meters :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m fairly sure I was told something similar when I first joined bulb around 2 or 3 years ago……am I to assume this will definitely happen this year? (I realise we had a pandemic and this delayed things).


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It’s been a long process getting the meters enrolled onto the smart network, and we can now read a large proportion of first generation smart meters like yours.

We’re on track to start reading all first generation smart meters by the end of the year, so hopefully it shouldn’t be too much longer for you. If your meter isn’t sending automatic readings by January 2022, please do let us know.

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Niamh :bulb:

I looked at the help re smart meters, it said to request via my Account area but unless I’m going mad, there’s no option to request an smart meter installation?

I must be going daft too as I can’t see how to request this.

Hi @Mcwhiskers and @gareth1 :wave: and welcome to Community!

You can book a smart installation through your Bulb account, just click here, answer some questions about the property and select an available date.

Let me know if you have any questions about this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @megan_at_bulb
It looks like I’m going to have to wait a little longer…

You already have a smart meter

We’re working on ways to read it automatically

You already have a smart meter, and we’re working on ways for it to send meter readings automatically. We’ll be in touch when that happens.

Hi @gareth1 :wave:

Looks like you have an older generation smart meter.

We are working on enrolling these sorts of meters onto our network, so in the future we should be able to communicate with them.

Did you have any more questions on this ?

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