How can I make sure an engineer or meter reader was sent by Bulb?

Any engineers or meter readers visiting your property on our behalf will always have an identification card. This will confirm what company they’re from and who they are. We partner with other companies as they’re better able to visit everyone around the country than we are. We currently partner with Morrison Data Services.

Meter readers won’t come at a specific time. They head around the country to get as many meter readings as possible. We aim to visit each member once a year to get readings and to perform safety checks on your meters.

We can’t say for sure when they will show up. It’s really important that the meter readers can have a look at your meter, so just check their ID and if you’re unsure, give us a ring.

If you’re still worried, we can set up a password for you. We will tell the meter reader a special password that they must give you in order to access your property. If they know this password then you can be sure we sent them. You can find out more about that here.