How can i of used to use £186 in one month I'm not in that much & i live alone

I don’t understand why its so high for a one person living along. £186 in one month.

Is that figure based on actual meter readings, or estimated?

If it’s estimated, read your meters and submit the numbers, and they’ll redo the bill (if you’re quick).

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Hi @sharon_73 :wave: and welcome to community :partying_face:

I have just had a look into your account and I can see you have prepayment meters. I’ve dropped you a direct message to check if you have any other accounts with us so I can check the billing for these too.

As @stevefoster has said this bill could be based on estimates or it could be the first time we have received an actual reading from you in some time and we have previously been underestimating your usage and now have billed it to the new higher figure causing a bit of a spike in your bills.

If you have any questions please let me know.

–Luke :bulb:

I can beat that l live in my own in a 2 bed flat electric only heating on for few hours averages a shower per day they just billed me £413 for 4 weeks, yeah £413 for 4 weeks, it’s like living in the twilight zone!!! This after they spent months getting my eco 7 meter readings the wrong way round and told me to get the meter and electricity supply to the building checked which l spent a load of my own time doing to no avail only to find wow big surprise they we’re not entering my meter readings which included photos the wrong way round which took me from owing them £500 to bring £800 in credit coz they just kept ramping up my direct debit to compensate for their inability to put the meter readings right way round. I hope that the case this time, £103.00 per week🤬