How can I pay my closing bill without a bulb energy account?

I recently moved to a property with energy supplied by bulb and immediately initiated a switch to a cheaper tariff found online. I recently received the final bill in the mail with no instructions on how this should be paid.
I do not have a bulb account and can no longer register for one since bulb are no longer the provider for my property.

Any help in how to pay final bill to bulb in my situation would be much appreciated!

Phon03003030635e or web chat and just use your debit card

Yes as @skippy64 says, just phone them up and pay by card. You know, the traditional way we used to pay companies before online shopping. Having said that, I had to phone up my car insurance to give my card details last week, because they don’t have any kind of online payment portal. It felt like going back to 1995 and was rather infuriating, particularly for someone that doesn’t like using the phone.

Thanks @skippy64 and @Hooloovoo, I’ll give them a call!

Fingers crossed I wont be left on hold for an eternity, definitely a benefit of the post 20th century “pay online” systems! :slight_smile: