How can I use the credit in my account?


As a result of the recent promotion, my Bulb account is now in a healthy credit, probably enough to see me through the winter without paying for energy bills. Great! However … Although I updated the monthly payment amount to be just a nominal £5, every time I look back the next day it has gone up again. They have taken £56 this month.

What’s the point in the credit on the account if they are going to keep taking money from my bank every month?
Any suggestions?


@DeepSetSyd, there is a bug with the monthly payment change option (see here) which you may be being affected by but generally you’re probably best leaving it as is and either requesting a temporary reduction of payments (via the web chat or by phone) or just have the credit transferred into your bank account.

Personally I’d recommend having the credit transferred as it should make your direct debits less confusing if you happen to look back at them in the future and there’s no chance of leaving it set to £5/month, forgetting about it, and racking up a large account debt.

Brilliant, I’ll do that. Thanks.