How can my useage be predicted 150 wen summer is comming

i have received estimated bill 150 wen it is all most summer not using the heating no light till 7pm i dont think so

If it’s an estimated bill, it’s based on what Bulb has estimated you’ve used. It’s not what they think you’re going to use. Unless you mean your DD had been set at £150pm. Your post needs explaining further.

This is Bulb Maths I’m afraid. Our example:
£160 in credit.
March to date (up to the 28th) usage: £73.89 (so call it £80 for the month).
Monthly usage according to the payments page in the app: £171

Even with the 54% tarriff increase the only way they can invent £171 is by assuming every month of the year is January…

Our DD is now £150 (based on January plus 54%) and they refuse to go any lower. Looks like we’ll have a HUGE credit by October with overpaying all summer, the £200 credit from the government and our solar export payment…

Why not change to paying the billed amount? That way you control the monthly payments as you’ll only pay what you use so long as you send in meter readings around three days before your bill is due. It means variable payments but you control the amounts and avoids large credit amounts.

Cheers! I’ve just read another thread where we can apparently set up a variable or “open” DD. Will look into it :slight_smile:

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Bulbs approach is for you to pay the same every month, so the warming weather has no impact on your monthly payments. They’ve averaged out your expected usage for the whole year.

The attachment on the email you should have received informing you of the price changes will have broken down your expected yearly usage into the different components. If you divide the number under “Your projected yearly cost overall. From 1 April” by 12 you should be close to what your new suggested payment amount for your DD is. There might be a difference if your account was in debt around when the price change emails when out.

If you think £1800 (£150x12) for the year is wrong for your actual usage then refer to the other rows on the table and see which “Annual usage (kWh)” row doesn’t look correct. These numbers are also on each statement you get from Bulb so you can see if they are changing each month. If you’ve recently moved into your house then the estimated annual usage could be wrong for you as it’d be based on the previous occupant and takes a long time to adjust (especially if you don’t provide regular meter readings).

Also, there is no such thing as “the 54% tariff increase”. That 54% was on average. If you aren’t the average user your % change will be different. Gas unit rates went up a lot more than 54% so if you use more gas than the average your bill will be going up by more than 54% unfortunately.

Hi @jools1690 :wave: Welcome to Community,

I have taken a look at your account and can see you have been in touch over the phone and email. Your payments have been reduced slightly but the increase is there to cover your usage with the April tariff increase.

What @geuben has said is correct. We set the payments based on your annual usage and so you may build up credit in the summer but this then should be there to help cover any higher winter statements.

Let me know if you have any questions about this,

– KT :bulb: