How can we make the Bulb app AMAZING?

Thanks to everyone who filled in our survey on how we should build our app. It’s super useful. It’s here if you haven’t taken it yet.

We’ve pulled together all your ideas so far, and we need your help to decide which are the best. We want to build the best app for managing energy. Ever. So let us know which ones you think are important.

Here are the ideas so far. Which ones should we prioritise? We’ll keep updating the list as more ideas come in.

Things we’ll (almost) definitely do:
- Make it simple, quick, stable, and good looking is the number 1 priority

  • Entering meter readings is the most important feature according to the survey
  • Monitor and manage payments and statements
  • See past usage and future estimates
  • Smart meter integrations
  • Ability to adjust payment amounts

Blue sky ideas. Which ones would make the Bulb app great?
- See the live CO2 savings for all members and how much you’ve personally saved

  • Fingerprint login
  • Notifications on how to save energy
  • Warnings for unusually high energy use
  • Options to give rewards to charity
  • Integration with other apps, such as IFTTT
  • Smart home controls
  • Torch function when reading meters
  • Take photos of meters with automatic number recognition for meter readings
  • Bulb community

Thanks everyone. Can’t wait to see your ideas.

Fingerprint login would be great.

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I also vote for Fingerprint login

I also vote for Fingerprint login
Yes love this!

Yes, fingerprint login would be good. Also energy saving tips.

+1 fingerprint login <3

Yep - I vote fingerprint login too!

Wow. We’ll definitely have to think about fingerprint login then!

No user info on phone, just a unique identifier, so if phone hacked,lost or stolen. details wont be compromised…

Security options on phones ( ie, code or finger prints) are a daft idea ( Thats the point of ICE numbers.!!). mobiles are easily black listed these days without the need to go over the top.

+1 for fingerprint log in

Would be good to have the ability for auto-adjusting temperature through smart home integratu

Smart Home Controls please. I would expect a new app to have all of the easy to use features (such as one touch login) already. If you are going to blue sky for the future you need to work on knowing and controlling energy usage. Smart Home Meters and smart devices on appliances/circuits to monitor, inform and then control all household energy usage.

Yes, I would also love to see more smart home products, options and applications from Bulb.

I love the torch idea. Taking a photo would be much easier. I’d like to know if my energy usage is unusually high and tips for savings.

Security options on phones ( ie, code or finger prints) are a daft idea.

If we were to implement any alternative sign in options, it would always be optional. We wouldn’t force anyone to use fingerprint if they don’t want to. Different people have different security preferences for their phones. My brother doesn’t even have a lock screen on his, while mine is fully encrypted. Each to their own :slight_smile:

Love the ideas of smart home controls, being able to link to smart meters and, before then, photo of meters to submit readings. Not fussed about fingerprint login myself so I hope there will be other options as well.

I personally don’t think there is any need for fingerprint log in. My phone is already secured by my fingerprint, I can understand why a bank would use it, I just don’t see why bulb would require it. my phone has saved the log in details so if I go to I don’t need to log in

I forgot to mention I would really like the smart meter option when I completed the survey. No hassle then with estimates or reading meters. I have been very impressed with Bulb since switching, keep up the good work, thank you.

Love the idea of seeing your own green footprint somehow

Like the idea of being able to photograph the meters to send a reading! Thanks bulb for all you do