How can you charge £326 just for just June, this is very unfair

Ever since I joined Bulb for the past 10 months I have always been over charged even though I have never missed a direct debit of £91.4 suggested by bulb, my bills keeps going up even at some months where I traveled and wasn’t around or my situation changed, According to bulb my debt is £1223, in June my bills rose to £326 I mean how possible is that, and now bulb is charging a direct debit of £285 which I do not approve of. I feel I am being extorted indirectly by Bulb or something is wrong somewhere and needs to be investigated, I even requested for a smart meter but it wasn’t provided either.

Hi @MART25,

Welcome to community and thanks for posting. I’m very sorry about the high statement that you received for June and I’ve just spent some time looking into your account in order to find out why this might be.

We’ve been estimating your meter readings since the last time you submitted one, on 3rd June. Since the readings that you submitted were higher than our estimates, this additional consumption has been included in your June statement. The last reading that we had was from January 2021.

Whilst the statement suggests that you spent a lot in one month, in reality this is a result of us catching up on the usage from the month’s previous to this. In order to prevent this from happening again, we’ll just need more frequent meter readings (ideally monthly).

Without readings, we can’t tell how much you’re using I’m afraid. As your £91 payment was much lower than your average monthly usage, debit has built up in the account. Your payment has now been increased in order to pay that back. If you’d like us to raise a complaint via email for you, we can do that.

I am very sorry for the stress caused. Any questions, please do let us know.

Many thanks,

Niamh :bulb: