How do Bulb "Up" their percetnage of green gas?

I like Bulb, it’s ethics and it’s branding really engage me as a climate-concerned citizen. However, why is the percentage of green gas only 10% and how do we get it increased? In terms of KWh and CO2, my gas supply massively outstrips the contribution from electricity. I would like to see Bulb pushing more on this. I note Ecotricity are building green gas plants, is this something they would look at?

@susanrobb that’s a very good question. We would love to be able to up our green gas percentage however at the moment it would be quite expensive. Due to the limited sources that we can get green gas from it would push our unit rates up if we tried to source more of it.

We love that Ecotricity are really pushing green gas generation and we hope it causes more to be made. At the moment, we’re not looking into generation but more into being the best supplier.

If you have any more questions, just ask away =)

Can you get “green gas” from food waste? Just wondering if a partnership with a local authority’s refuse department would be a potential avenue?

Hi @matthew744 – yes definitely. We are looking into partnerships exactly like these.

Awesome! Presumably anywhere where methane is produced could be used for this as long as they are economically viable - are landfill sites and water treatment plants a potential possibility?

Yes, you’re nailing it. The key places are landfill sites, water treatment plants, other organic waste management sites (i.e. food waste, etc.), and farm slurry (which is where we currently get our green gas from).

Awesome, here’s hoping you can find some willing producers to tap into!

Totally. And by showing that we are a willing consumer, we hope to spur waste management entrepreneurs to spearhead new green gas producing initiatives.

Great news I totally get that your a supplier not a producer and thats fair enough, by proving there’s a purchasing source ‘Bulb’ must encourage producers to have confidence that they can sell what they produce …good on you good on all of us for being bulb customers

Lol so much love @swannyp – love it.