How do I change my payment amount?

You’re welcome to change your monthly payment amounts to whatever suits you. The one we set for you is what we think you’ll use based off our quote for you, but you’re welcome to adjust it.

You can change your direct debit by heading to your Bulb Account. Click on “Payments and Statements”, and then “Payment Settings”. On this page, you can also change your payment details, your payment date and make a one off payment.

Alternativley you can call us on 0300 30 30 635 and we can change it for you. If you’d like, we can change your payments to come from a debit card instead. We think they’re a much better method than direct debits.

The bulb app does not seem to allow you to change monthly payment.

Hi @JackD,

That’s correct - payments cannot currently be changed in App - it’ll have to be done via the website at (or click ‘Sign in’ in the top right corner) to do it. The website is mobile compatible so it should work on your phone.

I am now over £500 in credit and I cant reduce my monthly which is around £170 - how can I get this reduced to a sensible number? I tried the chat bot but says no one available.

Can someone from Bulb help me? Thanks

Hey @jklondon

Looks like you’ve managed to get that sorted on the account- if you need anything else let us know :slight_smile:

You can’t without calling. I have been trying for months, with an open complaint, which I get no reply to anyway.
App and website always give an error. No matter the time of day, browser, platform or even the weather!
Bulb used to be fantastic but I’ve had more problems in the last year than in total over the multiple years since I’ve been with them… and I continue to hear the same from others who are more than a bit frustrated.
I’m tempted to pay more from another provider just so I don’t have issues.

Hey @Rival_Son,

Welcome back to community :wave: Thanks for posting.

Please can you confirm what kind of error you are receiving when trying to do this? I can speak to IT about this for you as it may be a wider issue.

If you need any assistance in the meantime with changing your payment, please let me know and I can look at changing this for you.

– Daisy :bulb:

Good morning! I am with bulb from 2017. Due to solar panels my mean annual consumption is low - £94 in 2018, £75 in 2019, £ 93 in 2020, some £ 121 in 2021 to date. I already have £ 100 in credit, but Bulb requires further £180 next months and then recommends to keep monthly £150. Whom should I complain about decreasing monthly amount to some reasonable number of ~£ 100 and if not, when I am going to switch to another provider whether Bulb will return me money forcibly taken from my account?

Hi @vladlaptikhovsky - welcome to Community :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch about your payments, hopefully I can clear things up for you. So we would expect you to start building credit over the summer, which I can see you’ve done, but we recommend having enough credit in your account to cover next month’s payment.

We will start moving into the colder months soon, where we’ll see your usage start to increase. Looking at your usage last winter, it was a lot higher than what you’re paying now, so if we keep your payments as they are then your account will start to fall into debt. Your estimated monthly usage is £151.51, so that’s why we’re suggesting a new monthly payment of £150, to help keep on top of this.

If this payment isn’t manageable, we can reduce it by 10%, but we can also offer some extra support, so if you’d find that helpful let me know and I can email it over.

Did you have any other questions about your payments?

– Meg :bulb:

Hi Meg,
how did you estimate my mean monthly usage being £151 ? I never spent such amount of electricity. Could you please indicate on what numbers was it based?
Best regards and many thank in advance.

Hi @vladlaptikhovsky

So when we estimate usage it’s based on a few things. Primarily it’s based on the meter readings which you have sent us, which we can use to project usage depending on time of year.

On top of this we’ll use historic usage at the property in these projections. When you switched to us the previous supplier will have sent their estimated usages for the meters, and we factor them into these calculations.

If your estimated usage looks wrong you can always let us know, and we can use recent readings from you to recalculate it :bulb:


Dear Megan,

You might see that this approach (use historic usage at the property in these projections) is not applicable for my case as before there were no solar panels that I installed as soon as I purchased the property. Mean annual use of electricity during my stay here was £92 per month, you might check it using Bulb records. Taking into account some raise in electricity price I would agree my monthly payment to be set at £100 starting from now on. Otherwise I am leaving Bulb.

Best regards and many thanks in advance,

Hi @vladlaptikhovsky,

Thanks for going into detail about this. That’s really helpful and makes a lot of sense.

We’ve changed your payment to £100 for now, to be reviewed in a few months.

It would be great if you could keep submitting readings around 26th-29th of each month so that you can continue to receive accurate statements.

Any questions, please do let us know.

Take care,

Niamh :bulb:

Thank you Niamh!
Have a good day,

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My monthly usage is £53 yet you put it at £115. Then suggest I increase my payment to £107. Why? My credit is over £260.

Hi @philtaylor1805,

Thanks for posting on community. I hope you don’t mind but I have added your comment to a thread about changing payment amounts.

Sorry to hear you are having issue with the system and suggested payments.

I’m not sure when you last looked but I can see your monthly payment is set to £65. The suggested payment is currently at £84.93 and your last statement was £53.95. The system is working this out based on your usage increasing over winter alongside the most recent pay increase.

Would you like us to refund part of this credit for you today?

– Daisy :bulb:

I too have been told my dd will increase by over 50% in October. I am paying over me last 13 months average usage and I am over one months payment in credit …… emailed bulb but no response in nearly a week -

Hi @Jacknorton,

Welcome to community :wave: Thanks for your post.

I am sorry to hear you hadn’t heard back from our team about this increase in your DD, we have been receiving an exceptionally high inflow which has resulted in a lower response time.

I can see you managed to speak to my colleague 2 hours ago and I can confirm the payment has been reduced down to £125 as requested.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

– Daisy :bulb: