How do I change my payment details?

If you pay by debit card, just head to your MyBulb page. Click on “Change my payment details”, and then “Edit payment details” at the bottom.

On this page you can also change your payment amount, your payment date and make a one off payment. Easy.

If you pay via direct debit, you won’t be able to change your payment details online. Give us a ring on 0300 30 30 635 instead and we can sort you out. We can even change you over to debit card payments too, since they’re so much better. (We think direct debits are so last century).

Hi. I’ve just switched over to Bulb, and I’ve found out my partner gets cashback through her bank account so we’d like to change the debit card to hers. It looks as though I can change the card details but not the cardholder name. Is it best to call you to make this change? Cheers - Tim

Hi @greenmeup,

Yep, give us a ring and we can change your card account holder and card for you. Thanks for flagging this as a problem. Now that this is on our radar we can get it fixed and let people change the account holder online too.