How do I contact Bulb, speaking to a person?

My usage has gone way down and yet my price increase is disproportiantesince we are experiencing warmer weather?

How do I contact a person in Bulb? Any idea? Thanks

Hi @thewrightoknow :wave:

From looking through the data provided by the smart meter, it looks like your usage has been fairly static over the last 2 or 3 month period. The total cost of your monthly bill did reduce last month from the previous, and we would expect the bill for March to be lower still, before we move to the increased tariff in April.

You can monitor your daily usage via the online account, to see if you can identify the reason for the bills being higher than you expected, however from our side, we can’t see anything that would suggest the bills we have sent don’t represent your true usage.

-Luke :bulb: