How do I find my annual consumption figures

I’ve come to the end of my fixed rate deal and am considering my options. I’m looking at a couple of switch places (e.g. Which?), but anyone who I would trust to give me good advice wants to know my actual annual consumption. I’d quite like to know myself. I was hoping that I could simply find an annual total under “My Bulb”, but if it’s there, I can’t find it. The best I can do is to get the readings for 8 August 2016 to 9 January 2017 and do some arithmetic - and incidentally, trying to copy those figures into a spreadsheet was a pain - they really didn’t want me to do a standard click and drag selection.

By way of incentive for you, as far as I can see, I would save a significant sum by moving away from Bulb - but only if I wasn’t looking for a Green Deal. Since that does matter to me, I may well be staying with you - but I would still like to have those figures easily available.

Hi @deeplyblue,

Thanks for this feedback. We are going to start showing your kWh usage on the “View my energy usage” tab of MyBulb when we begin to roll out smart meters later this year.

In the meantime you have a couple of options. A good place to start would be your monthly statements, they contain “Estimated annual usage” on page 3 and 4 for gas and electricity. Another option is to go to the “View my energy usage” tab on MyBulb and look at the difference between your opening meter reading and latest meter reading. You could then adjust those to reflect an annual figure.

Hope that helps.