How do I find out my Economy 7 hours?

Hi, how do i find out what bulbs cheap hours are?

Hi @AmyS,

The Economy 7 hours for your meter will be the same as your previous supplier (these are ‘meter specific’ and not ‘provider specific’). Depending on your region, you can consult maps such as which will give you the COMMON/TYPICAL times for your region/area, but some meters do have different times set for them.

If you can’t find the times, just drop Bulb an email at ( ) and they’ll be able to lookup your details in the national database if they’ve received the technical details of your meter (which takes a few weeks after your switch to reach them - if you have the ‘S’ supply number (aka the MPAN number - ) from a previous bill which you can supply them, they should be able to tell you from that code at the very least.

Hi @RichyB ,

With pur last provider though we were on economy 10 & not 7, so how would i find out what our new hours are or do we still get 10 hours?

Hi @AmyS,

According to , Bulb actually don’t offer an Economy 10 tariff at present (although I know some help articles are out of date so things may have changed) and if you have an Economy 10 meter, you’ll be billed as if you were on a ‘single tariff’ meter and have no economy hours.

The best way to confirm this and figure out things would be to contact Bulb - as a fellow customer who has somehow never had an Economy meter of any type despite living in 7 different places - as they’ll be able to say for certain and offer advice.

@AmyS We don’t offer an Economy 10 tariff at the moment so you will be charged the same rate at any hour during the day.

@AmyS We don't offer an Economy 10 tariff at the moment so you will be charged the same rate at any hour during the day.

Hi Dan,
I know this, and was told this when i switched, however my last bill says that i am pating a day rate and night rate, so i would still like to know what my hours are.



Purely for clarity as another customer. You selected Economy 7 as your subject but then said you were on Economy 10 with your previous supplier.

So are you an Economy 7 or an Economy 10 customer?

@AmyS The bill is not correct in that case. This will be corrected and we will send you a new bill over the next couple of days.

Hi, would you help me find out what times my night time rate between please? Many thanks

Hi @Manfa

The hours for your meter are the standard E7