How do I find out what type of smart meter I have?

How do I find out what type of smart meter I have ?

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I’ve had a look into your account and can see that you have first generation smart meters (also called a SMETS1). This means that originally, your meters would only have sent readings to the supplier that installed them.

However, over the 15 months or so, we’ve been able to get automatic readings from meters like yours. We’re gradually enrolling all first generation smart meters into the smart network. We’ve been getting automatic readings from yours since July 2020.

Second generation smart meters should send meter readings to suppliers, regardless of whether you switch away from the supplier that installed them. At Bulb, these are the smart meters that we install.

This means that all your statements should be accurate to your usage, helping you to keep track of your bills.

I hope that this has answered your question. Anything else, please do send us another message on this thread :relaxed:

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I have recently obtained an EV and also a heat pump so I would like to move over to your EV tariff. When can change out my SMETS1 device to a SMETS2 device so that I can do this ?



It’s my understanding that as your meter is now supplying smart readings to bulb you can switch to the EV tariff without changing the meter to a smets 2.

I’m sure a bulb employee will be along tomorrow to clarify this and switch you to the EV tariff.