How do I get a refund?

Hi, in one of your previous replies to a question you said, “We’re not interested in members building up unnecessary balances, and we’ll actively make sure that payment schedules always reflect your actual usage.” Well my balance is unnecessarily high by hundreds of pounds and I would like a refund for this money. I am happy to pay for what we use but £196 per month when only £50-60 is actually used is ridiculous and I would like for you to reassess my situation as soon as possible,

Hi Eliza,

You’re absolutely right, you are in a very large amount of credit. I’ve just refunded most of it to your bank and changed your monthly payment amount to £40. This will leave you £42 in credit, with your next payment on the 1st Jan. This should be plenty based on your usage so far.

I’ve sent you a reply to your email query too with a bit more detail for you.

All the best,