How do I get an IHD?

As title, how do I get a display? Smart meters already fitted when I joined bulb and they appear to be reading ok if I log in to my account on the web - mobile app doesn’t update though. What do I need to do?

Didn’t your previous supplier give you an IHD when they fitted the smart meter?

Hi @eightlegs :wave: I can see that your smart meters were installed by another supplier, so unfortunately we’re not able to supply you with an In-Home Display unit. I would reach out to the supplier who installed this, to see whether they’ll be able to give you a hand with this.

Lou :stars:

The meters came with the house so I have no idea who installed them. How would I find out? Even if I do find out not sure how that would help as it won’t be linked to your tariff?

Or do what I did, buy one from a registered third party, who actually knows what they are doing.

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Hi @eightlegs

They were installed by EDF Energy on the 15 Apr 2019.

I hope that helps :sun_with_face:

@Phytone3d Interesting, can you tell me more about what route you went? Not having any luck with Bulb or with EDF as I’m not a customer. Just been looking at actual smart consumer access devices that connect to ZigBee network so I can use with my other smart home devices and view usage live on an app. Seems a lot better than these basic boxes.

@Mel_at_Bulb Doesn’t help at all as I’m not a customer of there’s. Even if I was there’s a charge after the first 12 months for a replacement IHD. They say the meters are bulbs responsibility now as you have taken over the supply. Came to bulb because of everything they were offering. It appears you need to add some small print that states “not if you’ve aleady got a meter installed by someone else”


Hi, see my post here:

Really impressed with it.

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@Phytone3d That’s awesome. I was looking at their stuff but thought I needed to buy the ZigBee USB to communicate with the meter. I’ll grab the app now and give it a go. Even if I need to buy something extra this looks way better than any IHD. Thanks for your help

@eightlegs for SMETS2 it literally works straight out of the box. If you have SMETS1 then it may be best to email them before buying any hardware.

@Phytone3d Pretty sure I’m SMETS2 but will find out when app is activated. Sent the meter details and everything through so if it works will buy the CAD too. Shocking that Bulb aren’t even interested and shift the blame when a 3rd party can do it with no issues.

We got a in home display last year from Bulb and it still doesn’t work gr8 excuses all the time

@eightlegs until you have their hardware, the free app gives readouts every 30 mins, but you can get 30min, hourly, daily, weekly consumption data.

If your meters are transmitting, then the app should work.
My access to the Bright app was granted within 3 business days.

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It comes down to installation… given the amount of problems, no-one at Bulb appears to be learning how to do it right…

Smets1 require a slightly different IHD, when I emailed them they said I would be informed (by email) when in stock

@Phytone3d App now activated in less than 24 hours. That is pretty impressive. Way more useful data wise than the supplier IHD’s that are given out and it’s on my phone so can view anywhere anytime. If I’m understanding this right if I get the Hildebrand SMETS2 IHD/CAD I will get live consumption on top of what I already have? Very impressed so far, no thanks to Bulb but massive thanks to you!

@eightlegs Brilliant! Yes if you have SMETS2 metera and then get the Hildebrand unit you will then get live electricity consumption via the app with a minute consumption graph. I think the gas meter only outputs readings every 30mins, so that’s the limit of granular data.

The IHD also has only graphs and displays showing hourly, daily, weekly charts.

I thought i had a slight issue, as the daily cost wasnt the same as what was seen in Bulb. Seems the Bright app takes data from the meters, and yes, my meters have the wrong rate… im not going to chase Bulb to correct, as i fear it will screw stuff up…and it would take at least a year. One less hassle I could do without.

Hi @Phytone3d, if your meter currently has the wrong rate, we can correct this. I’m going to pop you an email about this, just so I can see what the meter’s currently showing and we can go from there :+1:

Lou :stars:

I had that issue but bulb didn’t know why. I was told everything was correct on the meter, and they’d investigate it.
The Bright app is now showing the correct rate so it must have been fixed, but I haven’t had an update off Bulb to say that its fixed.

If it helps, I’m happy for bulb to look at my account to see what might have fixed it if it helps getting yours sorted.