How do I get Bulb to put my meter readings on my account.

I have been with Bulb for 4 months now. Each month I submit my gas and electricity meter readings. 3 of my 4 gas meter readings have been added to my account, but no electricity meter readings have been added at all.
Last month, out of frustration, I submitted them using the website, again using the iPhone app, and I emailed them to customer support, yet STILL there has never been an actual electricity meter reading on my account since initially opening the account.
The estimated readings are drifting further away from reality each month.
I want it fixed.
Anybody have any ideas?

@MrGrizzly I see the attempts at submissions that failed, but I don’t see an email from you.

My colleague @“TimC at Bulb” fixed the bug that was affecting your reading submissions, which is why the submission on the 25th of this month worked. Henceforth you shouldn’t have any issues submitting your reads.