How do I get bulb to reply to an email?

I emailed bulb’s complaints address on Friday, after querying a meter reading and being told via bulb ‘chat’ that they were about to force me onto a 2 rate economy7 type tariff, apparently without notice, which would massively increase my electricity bills (I work at home and use most electricity during the day so this would be a serious problem for me). I suspect and hope this is a misunderstanding by their customer service rep but wanted to get it clarified.
I received an automated reply to my email, saying someone should get back to me within 24 hours. It’s now Wednesday and I’m still waiting. I have followed up with another email, but haven’t had any reply. Is there a problem at bulb? Anyone know how to get them to reply? I don’t want to phone as I want to keep a record.

Hi @jemm. Thanks for flagging this with us. We really try to answer all your emails within 24 working hours.

I’m sorry that it’s taken us until today to reply. I can see that @“Caspar at Bulb” has now fired an email back.

As Caspar explained in his email, we are no longer able to offer our new members the option of being billed as a 1-rate meter when they have a 2-rate meter. But, given you signed up with us before this policy, we’ll change your agreement.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

Thank you for the reassuring reply.

I’m having exactly the same problem 2 emails to complaints department and several to customer service and still no reply to bulb after months of online chat and getting my opening meter readings sorted , if it’s not resolved soon i will be leaving disgusting customer service

@Coco2412 We apologise for the late reply, I have sent an email explaining this situation.