How do I get BULB to respond to me emails

BULB currently have over £500 of my money as they have overcharged my monthly payments. I have asked for a refund but not response. I posted on their facebook page and was told I would be contacted but nothing. Has anyone taken them to the ombudsman?

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You phone them up or use live webchat.

Remember you’ll need to follow the official process before going to the Ombudsman.

They should be able to respond emails, if not they should stop offering this as a way to contact them. I’ve been waiting since the 1st of December for a reply to the questions I asked, I received the usual auto response but that was all.

Live chat was useless, the adviser didn’t know the answer so said something generic and ended the chat… excellent customer service. :rofl:

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have you reduced your monthly payments manually so that they can’t take more money? Then they can use your credit to pay the bill until it evens out.

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Hi @pizzala,

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been waiting so long for a response to you email.

I’ve just requested a refund of £500, to be with you in 3-5 working days.