How Do I Get help for a 90 Year Old Customer?

I totally despair. My 90 year old mother-in-law has Economy 7 in her small 2 bed retirement bungalow. She cooks with bottled gas and heats with 4 storage heaters, one of which is permanently turned off. Her electricity bill has increased over the last few months and last month her usage amounted to £257. I checked her meter and it appears that the registers are reversed so that she is paying the high rate at night when the vast majority of her consumption takes place.
I complained to Bulb on 20/1/2021 and took ‘space test’ photographs to illustrate the active register as requested.
Despite subsequently emailing the complaints address I have heard absolutely nothing. She is so concerned about her bills she now keeps turning the heaters off at the wall in the current sub zero temperatures.
How do I make sure that my complaint is being dealt with? [I am her nominated contact]
Thanks for any help.

good luck with that, i think they got a book of excuses

Hi @danburycyclist

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I can see there is currently an open complaint on the account. Thanks for doing the space test.

My colleague, Katie, emailed you back on the 9th Feb. Could you get back to her email and she will assist with this.

Sorry for the distress this has caused.


Mel, what’s the point in emailing back? The only emails I have received say that ‘the issue is being looked at’. How am I supposed to respond to that?

Hey @danburycyclist - Katie will definitely be able to help if you get back to her there!