How do I get my meter reading from my British Gas smart meter?

I have a smart meter, installed by British Gas, but I can’t take a reading from it. I’ve pressed button ‘A’ , countless times but no numbers appear at all. Anybody got any ideas??

Hi @Wendydd ,

I assume you are pressing the ‘A’ button on the actual meter itself (and not on any ‘in-home display’ units) and getting nothing. If so, that should have worked according to .

In this case, I would drop Bulb an email at (or contact them via live chat or phone as per ) as it sounds like the meter may be faulty (it could be as simple as the display having received a knock and the LCD panel failing). They’ll be able to advise the best course of action based on their knowledge of the various meters out there (if, in your email, you can include any make/model number printed on the meter and/or a picture of the meter, it’ll probably help them with diagnostics).

Thanks Richy, the lovely guys at Bulb have arranged for me to have a new meter installed next week!