How do I get statements

Bulb keep taking my monthly payments but have only ever produced one statement which was in my first month. They ask me for meter readings each month which I provide but after 6 months I want to know if my payments are covering the bill or if I am paying too much. I have emailed countless times asking for statements but no one ever replies. Any ideas anyone??


You should be getting statements every month. As you’ve discovered, Bulb are very poor when replying to emails. I would suggest trying either phone or webchat, both of which are realtime communication methods and will get you an instant reply.

Hello, we’ve just had to complain to the ombudsman. No response from BULB by phone or email to our complaints. No statement since October despite readings being sent October, November and December. Shame because actually their customer interface is good and billing easy.

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Given statements are pretty much 100% of billing and you haven’t got any since October, I’m curious what you mean by this.

Thanks, I eventually got through to someone on Webchat after 30 minutes and she said she would sort it out so fingers crossed… but thanks for telling me that was a better way than email

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Same here, no bills since May. I’ve emailed twice and spoken on chat, but nothing has changed.
I vastly overpay due to having a cashback bank account so I’d like to have the overpayment back now, but no way to work out how much it is.

I’ve told them to treat my most recent email as a complaint and I’ll be going to the ombudsman shortly. My broadband provider did this and I got all the back billing wiped out and £30 compensation, so they need to get themselves sorted!!

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You’re very welcome. There’s a good chance the “I’ll get back to you” will end up down the same black hole as emails and you’ll have to chase it up again. But at least you’re getting somewhere.

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The web chat I had was very friendly but there was nothing as a result of it.

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Heh. I thought I was the only one onto doing this scam :rofl:

Heh, I have an interest paying account, but it charges £5pm so I need to get enough cashback to cover that.

I live alone and have no mortgage so my bills are very low. Gas and electric should be about £60pm, water is under £20pm, BB is £8pm, mobile phone £8pm, I have no subscription TV or anything like that, and while my council tax is £100pm I can’t easily change that to this account, as the council forms are so annoying! So the answer is to pay a lot to Bulb. I do worry about them going bust with my cash though, especially as they have stopped billing and don’t respond to emails!

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Hey, no need to justify anything to me. The banks set up the system, we just play the game.

Oh, I know - I was just saying why it’s the Bulb one that I overpay so much, the rest are too small or too inflexible.

I have initiated a switch, I’m fed up with Bulb now. Other providers are significantly cheaper now and most do 100% renewable if you want it, which I do.

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