How do I go about having the prepayment meters put in please?

I have just moved into a new house and there is not meters in at all it’s all direct debit payment. How do I go about having the prepayment meters put in please.

There can’t be no meters at all. Are you sure?

Do you explicitly want prepayment meters? Usually they are only for when you have a low credit rating or otherwise struggle to pay your bills, and the energy itself costs more. Most people want rid of them as soon as they possibly can!

We prefer to have them in so we can keep an eye on what we are spending and we are used to them

We have good credit ratings but we are on complete benefits. Neither of us work

You’ll have to contact Bulb directly to get a definitive answer to your question. You can try here

For what it’s worth, I know when changing normal meters between single rate and Economy 7, then Bulb charge £120. I would think there would be a similar charge for installing prepayment meters if it was being done on request of the customer and not required by the supplier. But Bulb will be able to let you know if you ask.

Thank you for your help