How do I go in to change my payment details

How do I go in to change my payment details…there is no where on my app to do this! Despite clicking on links to payment settings etc it still takes me straight to my app where there is no option to do this…just want to change my dd payments as bulb have increased my monthly payment from £83 to a whopping £223!!! Will never be able to afford this and way more than what I was paying with my previous supplier…seems this is a regular occurrence with bulb!!! Thanks in advance.

You are right, the app doesn’t have this facility, but the website does. Best use your browser instead and go to

Hi @Babsxxx21

I can see that your Direct Debit has been changed back to £83. Thanks for updating us with your meter reading.

We’re working on allowing members to make changes to the Bulb app. We’ll keep you updated.