How do I identify my reading?

I live in an upstairs flat in a 2-storey block. The British Gas smart meter for gas is outside, connected to both flats.
How do I identify which reading is mine?

Hi there @meredith sounds like a tricky one! There are two ways, really. The first is to take a look at one of your bills from your current supplier, it should have a meter serial number printed on it somewhere (usually on the page that has the breakdown of your usage), and you can match that to the serial number printed on your meter. The other way is a bit more involved but it’s the most reliable way if you’re worried. Basically, you can just turn off everything that uses gas (heating, cooking etc) then check the meters twice an hour or so apart and see which one of them hasn’t moved, then in the next hour turn your heating back on and do your cooking, then check again and make sure the meter has started moving again, that’ll be your meter.