How do I join Bulb?

How do I join?

To join Bulb just head to It’ll take 3 minutes and you’ll get a bespoke quote. Once you’ve signed up we’ll do the leg work telling your old provider that you’d like to leave, all you need to do is give us a starting meter reading when we ask for it. Here’s a quick run down of what happens.

Day 1 - You sign up with Bulb. We’ll send you a welcome pack with everything you need to know.
Day 9 - We’ll check in to let you know how the switch is going and give you a heads up that we’ll ask for a meter reading in a weeks time.
Day 16 - We’ll ask you for your first meter reading to make sure our billing is as accurate as possible. We’ll remind you over the next few days if we don’t get a reading.
Day 19 - We’ll give you a heads up that your first payment is coming out in a couple of days.
Day 21 - Hurray! Your switch has completed. Wasn’t that easy.

We’ll send you your first statement a month later, and from there it’s plain sailing.

How about if theres a prepay meter would a new meter need to be fitted ?

We can’t currently take on prepaid meters. It’s something we’re working on, but they’re a bit more complicated than standard meters. We fully expect to be able to do them in future then.

but what happens if someone has a prepay meter and wants to come to bulb not prepay ?

Unfortunately they can’t join us for the time being. We’ll let them know on the sign up page what’s up and what we’re planning for the future.

so you can’t instal meters ?

We can install meters, but we can’t currently take on prepay members in order to move them over to a non prepay meter.

Hope thats easier than teaching my mother how to use a smart phone :o

We’re looking at switching to bulb - looking at the timetable above, what would be the best day this month to sign up to time things such that direct debits would come out some time between the 1st and 5th next (and subsequent) months ? They can’t be before the first of each month but up to a few days later is fine. I’m assuming between the 8th and 12th this month would do this ?

Or is it possible to sign up a bit on the early side and then in the communication that follows specify when we’d like direct debits to come out and work back from that to find out when the changeover date (which I’m assuming is the meter reading day) will be ?


@dbmandrake, we can change your direct debit date top whichever day of the month you’d like, so just shoot us an email and we’ll tweak it for you. Let us know sooner rather than later though, as it takes a few days for Direct Debits to be updated, so let us know in time to be able to change the first one.

Thanks for the quick reply. So in that case would you advise waiting until the 8th to begin the sign up process (and then emailing to confirm the preferred direct debit day, which I think I’d choose the 3rd of each month) or would it be possible to start the sign up process today / tomorrow to switch as soon as possible and still ask by email for the 3rd of each month as the direct debit date ? (and first payment)

Hey @dbmandrake, you can go ahead and sign up as soon as you can and then all we’ll need from you is an email ( asking us to amend the payment date to the 3rd :). Looking forward to having you as a customer!

Hello! My British Gas offer comes to an end on the 28th February. When is the best date to start to the switch to you? I don’t want to do it too early. Thanks!

Hi there @dieselpower, the switch takes 3 weeks to complete so if you swapped on the 8th of February it will go through on the 1st March.

Switching process takes just 5 minutes. Check this for detailed description -

Hi, I am moving into a new property on 1st September. When should I apply for the my new account with you to start on that day?

Hi @simon_h!

The easiest way is to head to and sign up online. You can answer questions about the property type to create a quote.

The switch at the new property will take 21 days so there will be a short period of usage for which the existing supplier will bill you. Because of this, it’s worth giving them a ring to say you’re the new tenant. Otherwise they might object to the switch. If you don’t know who this is, please let us know and we can check!

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So what you’re saying is, all I have to do is sign up and then you guys do all the leg work for me? This is bliss.

@amy9002 in most cases, yes. But if you’ve just moved in, you should also get in touch with your current supplier.