How do I know how much Electricity & Gas I am using with Smart Meter

My Bulb smart meter was fitted around a month ago, since installed I have left for a while as I have been told by Bulb and community members it needs to ‘settle in’ for a few weeks to get updates etc.

Today I thought I would look to see how much Electric & Gas I have used:

IHD says:
£1.95 Electric
£2.33 Gas

SmartThings App (That Bulb seems to promote via emails):
£4.95 Electric
No amount, just says 4,053kWh

Bulb App on phone (for day, month, year):

I set the website to check every 30 minutes a day after Meter was installed, website is still set to this settings.

I have reset the IHD many times, as per guidance from Bulb.

Its unclear to me where the issue is, could someone from Bulb please look at my system settings and confirm where the issue is?


Out of interest, have you looked at the actual meter, and read it? (As you would have done in the past with your old meter)

Hello Steve, I don’t think the meter is the issue, as all lights are flashing every 5 secs as they should. It seems there is an issue with the communication from the IHD.

I’m not suggesting it is, but, if you want to know how much energy you’ve actually used while none of the “shiny ultra-modern” ways to get that detail are available, the meter has the numbers you need.

Thanks Steve, maybe you mis-understood the question. The IHD should display real time usage from the smart meter, this is the part that is not working, the meter appears to be OK and the lights suggest it is communicating to the IHD. Its the IHD that is not working correctly.

I didn’t misunderstand. I was just trying to help you find out what you want to know while you’re waiting for Bulb to fail to solve the problem.

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Hi @craigski :wave: It looks like we were getting these usage graphs showing in your Bulb account, up until recently. I’ve re-selected ‘half-hourly’ readings in your Bulb account, as this should push through this setting again. This can take a few days but after that point, the usage should start showing again for you. If this hasn’t worked by this time next week, feel free to chase up in here and we can take a deeper look for you! :mag_right:

Lou :stars:

Hi @Lou_at_Bulb , no, I have not been getting reliable usage on Bulb App or Bulb Website since my meter was installed in Jan, readings up until 9th Feb were just averaged, not actual usage, and nothing since 16th Feb.

I know that data is being sent every 30mins to DCC, as the 3rd party Bright App is working has has pulled all the historical data since meter was installed.

Its the Bulb website & App that is broken. Average data for a number of days, then no data since my meter read on Feb 17th. Coincidence??

I have also had 3 price changes this year, even thought my usage is same as last year. Bulb is now saying I need to pay nearly half what I was paying in Jan, so maybe its miscalculating from the Bulb website, that is showing no data, hence saying I need to pay less?

I have changed my payment to what Bulb has recommended from the Bulb website, Nikaida from Bulb has confirmed in writing this new amount is correct, and I wont need to change again.

I have uninstalled the Bulb App, and now using the Bright 3rd party App, as this works for me.

Thanks for looking into it though.