How do I know if an IHD was connected along with Smets1

Hi , We bought our house and moved in last summer. An SMETS1 meter was already installed before we moved in. My question is, How do I know if an IHD was installed? I definitely do not see an IHD in my property. Also, is it possible to install one now, if yes which one? Not sure who installed the meter.

An IHD doesn’t need to be installed. It plugs into a wall socket (also has a small battery which doesn’t last very long). Whether you can get one from Bulb I don’t know. Ask them directly if you don’t get an answer here.

thanks for the reply.

Actually an IHD does need to be installed. More strictly, it needs to be commissioned, set up to communicate with the meter. I think this involves an engineer’s visit, and these aren’t easy to arrange.

Is it currently working as a smart meter, or do you have to send readings?

In my case, the meter was installed by Eon. That meant that it stopped being smart when I moved to Bulb. About a year later they were able to upgrade it to become smart again.

But they were not able to supply a IHD. You can get your name put on a waiting list, but I don’t know when Bulb will be ready to supply one.

I can only talk from my own experience but I plugged in my IHD and it connected by itself to the smart meter. That was it. I was provided with a booklet but there’s a tutorial on the IHD anyway. The tutorial is just a user guide though, not instructions on how to install it, because there was nothing to do other than switch it on.

Yes, if you have an IHD that was originally set up then it probably works just by plugging it in.

But the poster does not have an IHD at present, so my previous post applies.

Not sure what you mean by ‘originally set up’. Nothing was set up by the meter installer. The engineer left it in an unopened box. It could equally have been sent in the post.

@danco : I do not have any details who have installed the smart meter and if they had provided any IHD. So even if i wanted to buy one , don’t know which one to buy .As bulb supports Chameleon, british gas supports Geo .
But thanks for your suggestion ,I will put it in bulb’s waiting list to install IHD.

I hope it would be that easy. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Actually an ihd doesn’t need to be left after smart meters are installed. There are several scenarios where an ihd wouldn’t work also the customer may not want an ihd.
If the supply is prepay then an ihd should be installed or thd meters probably not fitted