How do I know my meter readings have been submitted?

I recently submitted readings when I moved to bulb, but the following day recieved a reminder to give them again - how can I check on the app if bulb have recieved my readings and the email was sent in error?

@BMarshall, I’m not sure about the (iPhone) app but on the website if you go to your usage page, it should list the readings you submitted.

I had the same thing when signing up.

Hiya @BMarshall,

One way to check using the app is to go to the screen for entering a new reading. Just below where you enter the new reading, there should be a note of your last reading, and when you sent it to us.

Good news - I’ve checked, and we have your readings in the system. they were accepted on the 20/11.

Thanks @mowcius, helpful point about the website!